it is crazy to think that next friday I will be on a plane to Uganda.

Its crazy that it is here. That I will finally be able to go overseas and preach the gospel and learn from people in a completely different setting. Im nervous and so excited. It is crazy to think that I am fully funded and God is STILL sending in more money!!  I know God is going to do great things and do all and above what we ask and know He can do. Jesus is faithful to do anything. 

Some lyrics from one of my favorite songs is what I am thinking about right now as I contemplate my trip. The song is when you walk into the room by bryan and katie torwalt.

"When you walk into the room sickness starts to vanish, every hopeless situation ceases to exist. And when you walk into the room, the dead begin to rise because there is resurrection life in all you do. We love you and we’ll never stop, can’t live without You Jesus!" 

I believe that God is going to heal the sick, command the lame to walk, raise   the dead physically and spiritually, that He is going to restore every broken thing because He can and He WANTS to. I believe that God is going to change lives, and I know mine will be changed by this experience. Jesus wants to heal and restore. I cannot tell you how excited I am and how nervous I am. I am going to be pushed beyond my limit. 

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Just finished private practice and watching grey’s anatomy now. I loved private practice so I’m hoping to love grey’s too! So good. Never thought i’d love medical dramas so much lol

when lyrics are so good u just



So accurate

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"she shouldn’t have worn that skirt to the frat party."

"yeah, well, archduke franz ferdinand shouldn’t have been wandering around sarajevo in an open-top car, so i guess he was asking to be murdered, too."

I love how it always comes back to Archduke Franz Ferdinand…

Oh my. Why does it always for back to Ferdinand though? Lol the joys of tumblr

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"I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me."

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